How appropriate and fitting that Mingarry Park should be inherited and now owned by John MacDonald with his one hundred percent indigenous Clanranald MacDonald background.

There are eight generations identified dating back to “John” who was in the Clanranald regiment at Culloden in 1745. His father was “Ronald” from Meoble – hence the grey dog connection. (cu Glas Meoble).

Up to 1800, the family were resident in Port A’ Bhata and High Mingarry. Around this period there were forced evictions from High Mingarry. Ground on the marshland at Mingarry was offered to John who cultivated a few acres with spade and “Cas – Chrom” (foot plough). The first thatched house in Mingarry was then built on this ground. The cultivated area was called Parice Mhinghearidh (Mingarry Park), and the house was called Mingarry Cottage. The foundations of the first house were the basis for the next one in 1841. The building was converted to a two-storey house in 1938. Fergie MacDonald then extended Mingarry Cottage in 1976 to form the Clanranald Hotel.

This year 2012, the original building over 200 years old has been re-built to form this modern very luxurious Guest House, self catering unit and authentic Bothan Bar, aptly called Mingarry Park just as it all started out centuries ago.

Written by Fergie MacDonald

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